Church/Religious Facilities

NAI Horizon’s Church Realty Solutions (CRS) team’s primary mission is to serve church leadership and enable each church to “link real estate with ministry”.

Thomas has developed a strategic consulting based sales and marketing platform to serve churches and their religious facilities.

Thomas joined the Church Realty Solutions practice in San Diego as a Partner in 2014 and has authored and designed its unique integrated sales and marketing platform and elements. (CRS also serves churches in Southern California through NAI San Diego). The objective outcome is that the CRS platform and process consistently deliver desired results when buying, selling, or leasing a church property and most often is known to exceed client expectations.

The CRS team uses a formal process to ensure a clear under¬standing of our client’s expectations around each requirement. This methodology ensures regular communication and accountability toward exceeding your expectations, while building the foundation for a long-term and highly professional relationship.

We deliver a sophisticated “owners perspective” to every church assignment. Thomas utilizes a series of proven real estate business models starting with a church focused objectives map combined with the CRS client expectations model.

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